Zavalla - ATM only

Zavalla - ATM only

The Zavalla location, opened in September of 1994 is on Hwy 63, just 15 minutes from Lake Sam Rayburn.

About Zavalla

Zavalla, Texas originally called Zavalla Prairie, is at the intersection of U.S. Hwy 69 and State Hwy 63, twenty-five miles southeast of Lufkin in southeastern Angelina County. Zavalla was established in 1900 on the Texas and New Orleans Railroad, which was owned by the Southern Pacific Railroad and extended from Rockland to Dallas. The community was named for its beautiful pineywoods location on the empresario grant made to Lorenzo de Zavalla. The community was incorporated in 1975, when population growth brought on by nearby Sam Rayburn Reservoir prompted organization of a city government. Being only 7 miles from beautiful Sam Rayburn lake, the community continues to thrive with a post office, independent school district, and Huntington State Bank.

Address & Map

242 East Main Street, Zavalla, Texas 75980

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Hours of Operation

24 hour ATM